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What is Inside a Pilot Brain?

What is Inside a Pilots Brain? There are lots of things that go on inside a pilot brain.  The longer you have worked or flown as a pilot, the more complex and developed the pilot brain becomes.  This is a fun way of looking at the threats and nuisances that a pilot has to pr ...

aviation articles

Garbage Aviation Articles and How to Avoid Them

Garbage Aviation Articles Here I go, about to open my mouth and most likely offend someone, but I am going to do it anyway.  There are a lot of articles about aviation out there.  Getting good information is hard enough to begin with without having to sift through the validi ...

flight Instructor

The Flight Instructor Check Ride and the FAA

by Ken Schulte It has been a long time since I was a flight instructor.  I do remember my check ride and for me it was really a non event.  One of the reasons it was no big deal was that I took the flight instructor course with the examiner that would be giving me the check ...