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New Flight Rating Giveaway

New Flight Rating Giveaway First off, let us say congratulations on passing your check ride!  No matter what rating you attained, its a big deal and a whole lot of work.  We know because we are pilots too and understand the time, money and mental attitude it takes to start a ...

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The Flight Instructor Check Ride and the FAA

by Ken Schulte It has been a long time since I was a flight instructor.  I do remember my check ride and for me it was really a non event.  One of the reasons it was no big deal was that I took the flight instructor course with the examiner that would be giving me the check ...

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Do You Need to Study Calculus in your Aviation Career?

I remember when I was in college getting my degree in flight technology.  Back then everything was so fresh and new.  College was new and exciting and you pretty much took everyone’s word about what you needed with your education.  I wanted to be a professional pilot s ...