Embroidered Crew Tags

Free Shipping on all embroidered crew tags at Airspeed Junkie.  Our embroidered bag tags are all custom designed in house by pilots and tested in the airport environment.  That means you get a product that is durable but also desirable.  Pilots, flight crews and flight attendants do not put just anything on their luggage.  These embroidered luggage tags are unique and you will not find them anywhere else. Among the unique offerings included are some luggage tags in Spanish that help Spanish speaking passengers from taking crew member bags.  This is more common than you may think and is the advantage that Airspeed Junkie has because they work actively in the airline industry.  If you fly to the Caribbean, this is a must have.  All luggage tags ship for free to any USA state.  Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for any aviator on any occasion.