Luggage Tags in Spanish, Spanish Bag Tags All Luggage Tags in Spanish, Spanish Bag Tags ship for free in the USA.  At Airspeed Junkie, we understand that not everyone who travels in the USA speaks English.  But almost all the popular luggage tags on the market today are designed for people who speak English.  Why is that?  We are working to change all of that with our increasing line of popular bag tags that are designed with the Spanish language in both text and graphic designs. All of our luggage tags in Spanish are engraved onto heavy duty aluminum bag tags that have the text or graphic engraved on both sides of the luggage tag.  These are designed to make your bag or suitcase stand out at the airport so that you can identify it easily.  Since most luggage manufactures make their suitcases in one main color (black), having a colorful luggage tag makes the job much easier.