Jet Chickie, Scrabble Necklace for Flight Attendants

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This necklace is part of the Jet Chickie collection. Fun Text and graphic on a white scrabble tile with black organza ribbon cord necklace and clasp. A perfect accessory for layover outfits. Made in the USA.

  • Approximately 8" from clasp to tile
  • 1" Square Glossy Tile
  • Stamped Celo card and packaging
  • Perfect gift for flight attendants!
  • Collect them all

    1. What is organza ribbon cord?  Organza ribbon cord is a thin plain weave shear fabric woven with synthetic fibers.  Traditionally it is used in bridal wear but it was discovered to have many other uses to dress up apparel as well as jewelry.  The material is typically nylon or polyester and is very strong as well as attractive.
    2. I am not a flight attendant but was thinking about buying this as a gift.  Is this something a flight attendant would wear?  Yes there are a lot of flight attendants who love their jobs and love to wear aviation themed jewelry. They are becoming more popular on the craft circuit since they are fairly easy to make.  Finding the right clasps and ribbons can be a challenge for the novice jewelry maker.
    3. Don't you just have the letters of the scrabble tile instead of the other graphics you feature?  Well we could offer that option, but really anyone could just make their own versions if you just wanted letters.  Instead we have taken phrases, graphics, trademarks and brands and have incorporated them into thought designs that flight attendants really like.
    4. Do I have to be a flight attendant to buy this?  No this is not exclusive to flight attendants, it is for anyone who love aviation.  Our aviation designs are all custom made by flight attendants.  This is because flight attendants know what other flight attendants really like.  So it makes sense to have someone design our flight attendant jewelry that actually is in the business.


Weight : 0.2 lbs

Dimensions : 4 x 4 x 1 in

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