UPS B767-300F Die Cast Model by Hogan

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  • 1/200 Scale
  • 14" Long
  • 12.5" Wingspan
  • Solid injection Molded Plastic
  • Pre-decorated
  • Comes with Stand
  • Made by Hogan

The UPS B767-300F Die Cast Model is a great looking model for your desktop or your man cave.  If you fly for UPS and are typed on the 767, then this is a must have for your collection.  Everyone knows that pilots love to collect aircraft that they have flown.  It is kind of like getting merit badges in your aviation career

Getting a type rating is a real accomplishment.  It means lots of home study, classroom time and simulator time.  It takes a chunk of time out of your life and you study like mad to pass your check ride.  Like another notch in your belt, another type rating is something to brag about. 

The Boeing 767-300 is quite the airplane and very versatile.  Having this type rating makes you very desirable in the world of airline flying.  This piece is also an instant conversation starter as most people can get an instant visual of what it is that you do for a living.  These models are all made of solid resin and have the livery painted on, no stickers or glue is required.  They assemble in minutes.


Are these collectable?  Probably not unless UPS changes their livery, then this model would become discontinued making them harder to find.

What are the models made of?  These are made of a solid resign that has the livery painted on.  You can feel that the fuselages are solid and the wings snap into the fuselage.  They come with the stand unless noted.

How much is it to ship this item?  This item ships for a flat rate of $3.64 to the Lower USA only.

Would this make a good toy for kids?  Probably not, it is meant to be displayed and looked at.  It is not really set up to be a toy.

Do you have to be a UPS Boeing 767-300 Pilot to buy these?  No, anyone can collect their favorite airline.

 Have you seen the UPS pilot retirement gift?  Its the perfect gift for a lifetime accomplishment in aviation transport.

 Crew Bag Tag used by UPS Pilots


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Weight : 1 lbs

Dimensions : 18 x 5 x 2 in

Manufacturer Part Number:


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