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 Are you the best flight attendant ever?  Or maybe you know someone who is really great at their job. Everyone knows that the flight attendant or inflight crewmember is the heart and soul of the airline travel experience.  They make or break the passengers view of the airline by the service they give and the attitude that they have.  The best crewmembers know this and use it to their advantage.  Those individuals are the world's best flight attendant examples.  So if that is you, well done, you have excelled in area of aviation that is pretty much thankless when it comes to today's passenger crowd.  You know that public transportation has changed a lot and you put up with a lot.  This includes the rude and bizarre behaviors to the sloppy dressed passengers that consume all your time and your services without being thankful.  This also includes the people that are a true joy to serve and are grateful and polite.  Whether it be well dressed older individuals that remember how the "good old days" were or well behaved families traveling for summer vacation.  Those are the experiences and people you enjoy serving and keep you coming back trip after trip.

The World's Best Flight Attendant necklace on 24" ball chain.  This very simple yet classic design is elegant and fun. Flight attendants and aviation enthusiasts both love these pendant sized necklaces. . These tags are made in the USA and designed by real flight attendants. All of our Jewelry is field tested.  This item is NOT waterproof, so don't buy it to match your favorite swimwear! Makes a great gift for any holiday or birthday.

  • 24" Ball Chain
  • 25 mm round hand made glass pendant
  • Stamped Celo card and packaging
  • Perfect gift for flight attendants!

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Weight : 0.2 lbs

Dimensions : 4 x 4 x 1 in

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