Flight attendant stemless wine glass

Flight Attendant Wine Glass Gift Combo, Set of Three




Product Description

Flight Attendant  Wine Glass Gift Combo, Set of Three

Whether you want to sip a fine Merlot or wake up with a hot cup of coffee, the Flight attendant stemless wine glass 11-Ounce Wine Cup Collection will keep your drinks at the desired temperature for hours on end. Enjoy your favorite hot and cold beverages no matter where you are, while making a bold statement at the same time.  The set of three makes sure you do not drink alone!

Perfect for cozy family times together or at sporting events that prohibits glass, the 11-Ounce Wine Cup is unbreakable – durably crafted of stainless steel with a double-wall, vacuum insulated design that will serve you – and your drinks – well for years to come.

This naturally anti-germ material is non-porous and BPA-free, giving bacteria and germs no place to hide while ensuring a safe drinking experience at the same time. Furnished in red, purple and teal to complement everyone’s taste, each cup is furnished with an amazing engraved design that reads:

  • To Travel is to Live – Purple
  • Jet Lag made me do it- Teal
  • Sassy- Red

And unlike decals that peel over time, this engraving will never wear off. Each cup comes with an included transparent lid, designed with a sliding spill guard to ensure you can drink every last drop of your beverage. This convenient top accommodates a straw, allowing the individual to drink right out of the cup or sip it through the straw.

The Airspeed Junkie will make a great gift for wine enthusiasts or those who simply like to go about their day with a drink on hand. Perfect for wine, mixed drinks or hot beverages, the two layers of insulation will maintain any drink’s temperature at all times. It is recommended to hand wash all dual layered cups and tumblers.  Goes perfectly with our popular Flight Attendant Cup.


The worst people on a plane

Additional information

Weight1.8 lbs
Dimensions9 × 9 × 4 in


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