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Product Description

Airline Pilot Retirement Gift, 15″ x 12″ Plaque, Pilot Retirement Plaque, Aviation Gifts

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This is the ultimate airline pilot retirement gift.  We take your pilots information and transform it into an amazing retirement gift.

Made with engraved leather, metal and wood for a unique 15″x12″ gift to hang on the wall.


When an airline pilot retires it is a big deal.  Finding an airline pilot retirement gift that matches has always been hard until now.  If there is one thing a pilot is very proud of it is their accomplishments.  Pilots love to show off their hard work, the airplanes they fly, and a life dedicated to safely transporting people and their families.  We have taken choice materials and have combined them into a handsome gift that will be proudly displayed.  Wood, leather and metal are all combined to give homage to a great career.

  • Colored Wood Grain Plaque 15” x 12”  Colors available are Blue, Red, Black and Walnut, make sure you choose the plaque color.
  • Customized Engineered Leather with graphics and text  Colors available are Black, Blue, and Rustic Brown
  • Custom engraved metal for years of service and airline.  Colors available are silver and Bronze (sometimes called Gold)

We do not need your epaulets or pilot wings




The Perfect Gift

To clarify this gift has some elements that you provide to make it personal.  You will need the pilot who is retiring name, last flight, uniform wings (NOT hat brass) and epaulets.  These items are not included in the purchase of this gift. By purchasing this gift and customizing it with your company’s name and logo, you agree that this is NOT for resale.  This Airline Pilot Retirement gift is not found anywhere else and will be sure to be the hit of the party.


1. Do you carry all the logo’s for all the airlines? Yes unless its some small airline from the 80’s chances are we have it.
2. Does this gift come with Epaulets? No, we show the epaulets so that you can get an idea of what they look like. The whole idea is to use the retiring pilots epaulets, they are going to love that idea. Plus epaulets are considered uniforms and we cannot simply go out and purchase all the different colors and styles from each airline.
3. How do I get my wings onto this gift? Follow the easy video instructions to attach your wings, we DO NOT PROVIDE the wings. (they are uniform pieces)
4. Do you do foreign airlines? It depends on the aircraft and the logo’s. I am trying to add as many as I can find so message me and I can let you know.
5. What aircraft do you have available right now? Boeings: 737,747,757,767,777,787,717 Airbus 320, 330, 350  CRJ200, CRJ900, E-190, E175 MD-80, MD-11

6.  How do I customize this gift?  Watch the video, you can customize this airline pilot retirement gift any way you want.

If you have questions please feel free to contact us and we can answer them fairly quickly.  Airline Pilot Gift Video Directions for attaching wings and epaulets

Information We Need:

Each section of this plaque is easily customized for a one of a kind gift.

Leather name plate.  In the fields provided type in the name of your retiring pilot.  If they are a Captain, then we will Automatically use the word Captain in front of the name.  If your pilot is a first officer, then we will omit the captain title and just use the name.  Put in the name exactly as you want it

Aircraft While a retiring pilot has flown multiple different airplanes in their career, we ask you to select the aircraft they are on when they retire.  The Airbus 320 in this example is just an example and the drop down list of aircraft are what we currently carry.  Each aircraft has a interesting list of specs that come along with the graphics.

Last Flight (top left)  This graphic contains the last flight information that your retiring pilot made.  Please use the enclosed box to add in the city pairing, flight number and date.

Epaulets  The epaulets shown are not provided on this plaque unless requested.  Chances are they do not match your companies color scheme or uniform type.  They are merely an example. (think of them as models)  To most personally decorate this gift it is best to use the retiring pilots actual epaulets.  To do this is simple, we provide a Velcro mounting base and supply you with two pieces of Velcro to adhere to your own company epaulets.  Simply stick them on and you’re ready to present.

Airline Logo  Shown is a fictional logo for trademark purposes.  This will not be the logo you receive.  You can simply input the airline of your choice and we will make sure that the metal is engraved and attached to the gift for the ultimate look.

Years of Service  This also is a choice that you customize by choosing the number of years you would like to have on the retirement gift.

Wings  Shown on the gift are “engraved wings”  You will receive this engraved set so that the plaque looks complete when you give it as the gift.  You will also receive the blank wing box that you can use to replace the engraved wings with.  This is designed to hold the pilots actual wings.  This is held on with strong double faced tape.  You carefully remove the engraved set and substitute it with the plain wing set and install your own wings.  We also have two pictures with actual wings to show you what they look like.  Again it is best to actually use the wings that your pilot has on their uniform.  On the back of the wings are two posts that are sharp and can easily be inserted through the leather and into the plaque  The leather outline highlights the placement.

We make plaques for Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Spirit, jetBlue Airways, Southwest Air Lines, jet Cargo, UPS, Federal Express, Virgin, United Airlines, and many more.


 Additional Finished Product Pictures

Airline Pilot Retirement Gift Airline Pilot Retirement Gift Airline Pilot Retirement Gift

Airline Pilot Retirement Gift Airline Pilot Retirement Gift   

Looking for the leather engraved aircraft wall plaques?


More information on Pilot Retirements:

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Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions15 × 12 × 2 in

Walnut, Black, Blue, Red

Leather Color

Rustic Brown, Engraves Silver, Black, Engraves Silver, Blue,Engraves Silver

12 reviews for Airline Pilot Retirement Gift, Pilot Retirement Plaque, Aviation Gifts

  1. Taryn H. (verified owner)

    Ken is awesome to work with! His craftsmanship is impeccable! I just love the retirement plaque he created for my parents!

  2. Bob Miller (verified owner)

    Great product !

  3. Shay (verified owner)

    They did a fabulous job ! They checked with me to make sure all the information was correct and I was so glad as I had made a mistake. He caught and it turned out beautiful. It’s quite a gift . Thank you !!

  4. Marilyn K. (verified owner)

    Excellent product !
    Just what we were looking for with super fast delivery!
    Thank you Airspeed Junkie !!

  5. Steve S. (verified owner)

    Very helpful with an issue

  6. Trisha P. (verified owner)

    He loved it….

  7. Jacqueline Olson (verified owner)

    It was wonderful, even better than I expected,very nice

  8. Jenifer F. (verified owner)

    I am so pleased with this beautiful plaque! It will be a special memento of a great career for my husband! Ken was very easy to work with and I really appreciate how he worked with me to customize the plaque to include two airlines in my husbands career! And he did it in record time! I would highly recommend this as a unique and lovely retirement gift.

  9. JOHANNES TYSSE (verified owner)

    I purchased the Airline Retirement Plaque for a good friend who retired after a long career with the airlines. Ken with Airspeed Junkie was very helpful and accommodating, he kept me updated during the whole process. If you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member with a career in Aviation, I can highly recommend Airspeed Junkie. And the gift was a “Homerun” with my friend.

  10. JULIE (verified owner)

    Great job! It’s really beautiful and I can’t wait to present it to my husband at his retirement celebration. Thanks!

  11. Patricia S. (verified owner)

    This gift was amazing and my husband loved it! The craftsmanship was beautiful! Highly recommend this company!

  12. Andrew (verified owner)

    The Best experience with Ken. Efficient on is communication & delivery of a quality product! Thanks for your expertise!

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