Flight Attendant Luggage Tag, Jet Chickie, Set of Two

Flight Attendant Luggage Tag, Jet Chickie, Set of Two



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Product Description

Jet Chickie, Flight Attendant Luggage Tags


The flight attendant luggage tag that a lot of flight attendants enjoy because they are fun and whimsical .  The results have been tremendous, flight attendants love them!  These tags have been road tested for durability and are made of heavy duty aluminum. These bag tags make your bag stand out at the crew van and at the airport.  Ever have a passenger reach in the overhead bin and try to pull out your bag?  When you mount the bright colors on your roller board, it stops them in their tracks.  Made in the USA.

  • 4” x 2”
  • Heavy duty Aluminum
  • Plastic attachment strap included
  • Free shipping
  • Colors offered are shown below
  • Theme Engraved on both sides of the bag.


Frequently asked questions:
What is a jet chickie? Any female that flies for fun or as a profession.
Are these popular with flight attendants? Yes they are very popular with flight attendants and with female pilots.
What are the most popular colors? Pink, purple and red.
Where are these made? All of our metal bag tags are made in the USA!
Do you have any other “chickie” products? Yes you can see our 20 oz jet chickie tumbler here with the same theme.
Is this appropriate for kids? We sell a lot of these for kids, they have been very popular.
Does this set off any alarms at the security check point? No all bags have to be screened anyway and these bag tags go with them since they are attached. They do not attract any attention nor create extra screening
Do you have any discounts for buying in bulk? Yes, send us an email with the number of tags you are needing. We will custom quote you a discount based on that number.  We do sell to individual airlines.

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Airspeed Junkie

Airspeed Junkie sells unique aviation themed gifts and products for pilots, flight attendants, aviation professionals and enthusiasts. Our items are perfect for commercial airlines, airports, military aviators, general aviation and other aviation support industries.
airspeed junkie

Additional information

Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions4 × 2 × 1 in

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver


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