Fly Girl, Luggage Tag Set of Two, Metal, Free Shipping

Fly Girl, Luggage Tag Set of Two, Metal



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Product Description

Fly Girl, Luggage Tag

The fly girl bag tag is very popular and usually ships out in bold colors. Makes a great statement and helps you make sure no one grabs your bag by mistake. High quality aluminum bag tags last a lifetime. Be sure to pick your favorite color. All fonts engrave in a silver color for a great pop on the tag.  The fly girl tag is popular amongst flight attendants, passengers and kids.  Each bag tag set of two comes with the mounting straps that allow you to attach them to your bag.

  • All aluminum
  • Your choice of colors
  • 4″ x 2″
  • Comes with Lanyard
  • Theme engraved on both sides of bag tag


1.  Can you customize these bag tags?  No we do not support this feature at this time.

2.  Is this bag tag only for flight crews?  No it is for anyone that likes to fly or is interested in aviation.

3.  Do these bag tags cause any issues going through TSA?  Not at all, there are bag tags made from many different vendors from all kinds of different materials.  When a bag goes through the TSA scanner, the agents are looking for items that are inside the luggage that may not comply with Homeland Security.  Even though these tags are made of metal, they are not against any regulations or policies that the administration has established.

4.  Are these heavy, will they cost a lot to ship?  The bag tags currently weigh just 2 ounces each for a total of 4 ounces.  They do not add any weight to your luggage and are inexpensive to ship.

5.  Are these luggage tags waterproof and stain proof?  Completely waterproof and stain proof.  In fact the bag tags themselves are made from anodized aluminum which not only resist stains and water but maintain their color and bright finish.

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Airspeed Junkie sells unique aviation themed gifts and products for pilots, flight attendants, aviation professionals and enthusiasts. Our items are perfect for commercial airlines, airports, military aviators, general aviation and other aviation support industries.
airspeed junkie

Additional information

Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions4 × 2 × 1 in

Black, Blue, Green, Red


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