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Do You Love Aviation?

Do You Love Aviation? I think if you were to ask a group of pilots ranging from private pilots to airline pilots if they love aviation, most would say yes.  In fact I would say that the word passion might even be a better word.  Most professional pilots have devoted their li ...

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Aviation Stories, Episode 16 of Sky Talk Radio

You can listen to Aviation Stories, #16 here or Sky Talk Radio podcast can be found on Google Play, Itunes, Sound Cloud or their own website. If you like to listen to podcasts and are into aviation stories, then you are in for a treat.  This episode has a nice mix of Sky Tal ...

Pilot Shortage

Is There Really A Pilot Shortage?

All over the Internet and out in the marketplace, the aviation landscape is buzzing about a pilot shortage.  Some companies say there is a shortage and some pilots report that they cannot get the time of day for a job interview.  Part of the problem is the source of the repo ...

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Funny Things People Say to Airline Pilots

Funny Things People Say to Airline Pilots Every time I see the news feature a story about airlines, I cringe in anticipation.  What negative spin is the media going to project that is going to make my job harder?  It is bad enough if there is an accident or incident, those ...