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Do You Love Aviation?

Do You Love Aviation? I think if you were to ask a group of pilots ranging from private pilots to airline pilots if they love aviation, most would say yes.  In fact I would say that the word passion might even be a better word.  Most professional pilots have devoted their li ...

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Garbage Aviation Articles and How to Avoid Them

Garbage Aviation Articles Here I go, about to open my mouth and most likely offend someone, but I am going to do it anyway.  There are a lot of articles about aviation out there.  Getting good information is hard enough to begin with without having to sift through the validi ...


Sky Talk Radio Aviation Podcast #11, Why are Pilots so Cheap?

Sky Talk Radio Aviation Podcast #11, Why are Pilots so Cheap A humorous look at the accusation that pilots are cheap.  Are they really or is this a one sided perspective?  As usual, there is lots of laughs as you get down to hearing the pilots side of the equation which may ...

Pilot Shortage

Is There Really A Pilot Shortage?

All over the Internet and out in the marketplace, the aviation landscape is buzzing about a pilot shortage.  Some companies say there is a shortage and some pilots report that they cannot get the time of day for a job interview.  Part of the problem is the source of the repo ...


Would You Fly on a Plane With No Pilots?

Would You Fly on a Plane With No Pilots? Lately the subject of airlines transitioning to aircraft without pilots has been a hot topic.  Everyone seems to want to weigh in on the subject and fear usually is the theme of most of the articles.  Will it become a reality?  How wi ...