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Airspeedjunkie is kicking off their new rewards program for Flight schools. This is a new program in beta test that will reward new pilots that get a new rating.

How it works

First this rewards program is for any pilot that gets a new rating or certificate.  Airspeed Junkie will partner with your flight school and send you an aviation achievement plaque free of charge for your accomplishment.  Here are the rules of engagement.

  • Only one plaque award per pilot.  It does not matter which rating or certificate, but we only send one per rated pilot.  So if you get the private pilot certificate for free you are not eligible for the next rating such as instrument
  • We customize, make and send you the gift free of charge.
  • Flight schools will send us the information we need to construct your gift.
  • Awards may have the flight school logo included if they have opted for that.
  • Each recipient is also featured on our facebook page with a congratulations note and some (not all) may be featured on our blog as well.  An instagram post and picture on Pinterest is also included for the flight school to get some shout out promotion for free.

Why do we do this?

The most asked question is why would we do this?  First of there, there is nothing mysteriuous here. We are in the business of making various pilot achievement awards.  Most pilots don’t stop at one rating.  We want them to be so pleased that they will come back to us and purchase more when they get additional ratings.  This makes for an amazing start to your collection of ratings. This is a win/win situation for pilots and flight schools.

If you are flight school that would like to participate

  1. Here is all you need to do.  Contact us through our contact us page and give us a brief message of your flight school details.  We will email you back a very short application that you can do via email, nothing to download.
  2. We will need your logo in a vector art or EPS format.  Chances are, you already have this artwork for your existing site.  If you do not, we can simply create a generic logo for you with your flight school name in text.
  3. You will get three social media mentions for the promotion of your site.  We simply ask for a link from your website to ours in exchange for this partnership.
  4. Any other questions you have can easily be answered via a phone call or email.  We stand behind our products and want your flight school to be represented and supported.
  5. If there is a special story, such as a pilot overcoming some odds or a flight instructor that stands out, we will be happy to feature that on our blog as well with the associated social mentions that go with it.


  1. Whats on the Plaque?  The award consists of the rating and the pilots name.
  2. How is it shipped?  We ship to the USA only via USPS first class postage.
  3. How long does it take?  The plaque only takes a day or two to process once we get the data from the flight school.  Then normal shipping times apply.
  4. What if there is a spelling error?  In the unlikely chance this occurs, we will correct it.
  5. Do you have any other colors?  No the flight school participating in this program have choosen the color scheme that think looks best for their brand.
  6. How do you know if a pilot tries to game the system and get more than one for free?  We keep a database of orders!
  7. What if my flight school does not participate in this program?  Contact us on the site and we will figure this out.
  8. Are there any times where this program may not be in effect?  Right now the holiday season may see some delays, but feel free to contact us and ask.
  9. Who makes your products?  Our products are made in house in the USA.  You will not find any other pilot shop with this service.
  10. How long will this program last?  If we have good partners we anticipate keeping the program indefinetly.  
  11. Does ASJ have a program to stock flight school pilot shops for product sales in general?  Yes we do have a program available for local pilot shops to carry fun and interesting aviation items that you will not find anywhere else.  Click here for those details.
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