Who makes your apparel?

All of our apparel is custom made in house. That means we have a design team for the graphics and we custom apply our graphics to our apparel in house. This is not outsourced which gives us control over inventory. If it is out of stock, it will most likely be from shortages of the blank shirts that we purchase in quantity.

Are they cheap imports?

No, we use quality brand name merchandise before adding our own custom graphics. Our graphics and product names are all trademark and copyright protected. Made in the USA, in the great state of Florida.

How often do you add new designs?

We are constantly adding new designs. Currently we add at least one new one per month, sometimes more. This is something we enjoy doing so you will always see something new.

Bag Tags

Who makes your bag tags?

We also make our Bag Tags and luggage tags in house. We custom engrave every single tag and keep a large inventory on hand.

What are you tags made of?

All bag tags except for the embroidered tags are made of heavy duty anodized aluminum.

Flight Attendant Items

Is this new?

I thought you mostly made stuff for pilots? The flight attendant items are fairly new. We work in the airline industry as pilots, but we also know a bunch of flight attendants. All of these designs are inspired by actual crews. In the future we will be adding lots of new stuff for flight attendants.

What is Sky Life?

Sky Life is a trademarked name similar in fashion to the popular “salt life” name. It is our in house brand that we use on apparel, decals and bag tags. It continues to be expanding into our growing product line.


Do you give airline discounts for airline crewmembers?

We do them from time to time. We generally focus on discounts on our Facebook page. If we are offering a discount, make sure you push the like button and you will get all the latest sale information per airline.

If I sign up for your newsletter, are you going to spam me to death?

There is nothing worse than hearing “too much” from a company. We do not believe in that concept. At MOST we may put out a newsletter monthly with specials that we are promoting. Other than that, we will use our Facebook page.

Do you sell wholesale to other companies?

Yes we currently do offer a wholesale program to vendors that qualify. To qualify you must be a valid business selling either online via website or through a brick and mortar storefront. Along with that you must have a sales tax number, business bank account and documents, proving your business exists. Currently we are not accepting Ebay or Amazon sellers. If you are interested in opening a wholesale account with us, please contact us at

Do you own a retail outlet?

No we currently do not embrace that model of business. In today’s economy we would have to raise prices significantly and be located next to an airport to make this model work.

I notice you sell on Amazon too, is there a price or product difference?

Negative, no differences.


Do you mark up shipping?

No in today’s competitive marketplace, that would not be a good idea. You will find our shipping prices very reasonable.

Can I choose my own shipping carrier?

Most of all our shipments are distributed via USPS. Larger items will go UPS, but in order to keep prices down, we may elect to ship the most economical way as possible.

How do you handle returns?

All apparel can be returned if it has not been worn or washed. Bag Tags can be returned if they do not meet your expectations. Everything else, please contact us and we will let you know. Items that are damaged via shipping are via freight carriers. Please do not accept items with visible damage. IF you have a question regarding this, please contact us.