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About Airspeed Junkie

Thanks for visiting with Airspeed Junkie. Our goal is to add value to the aviation community.  You will quickly find that we do not carry the same products as the rest of the pilot shop websites.  We really do not strive to be "just another".  Instead we have two main goals.  The first is to offer really valuable information on our blog to help newer pilots that are just developing their aviation careers.  We feel that it is our job as pilots to pass on what we have learned for a better future in aviation. 

The second is to offer custom and unique products that we are proud to manufacture ourselves for our customers.   We have a distinct advantage of being commercial pilots, so we really love to focus on finding or developing items that fit into what pilots and flight attendants really want. Our goal is to take care of you, our customer. We want you to feel welcome and that you have a say in our products. You are not just a sales number.

We offer a lot of items that are customizable, we care about offering the details that make items special. If you have a suggestion or even a better idea, we are open to hearing you. Our goal is to have you come back again and again, so naturally we want you to be happy.

Our Team

Captain Ken Schulte:

airline pilot

42 years in aviation which include just about every type of flying there is.  Currently working as an Airbus 320 Captain in Orlando Florida.  Ecommerce store owner for 16 years with a specialty in product development.

 John Stanley:

15 Years ecommerce and product design, shipping expert and content creator