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About Airspeed Junkie

Thanks for shopping with Airspeed Junkie. We have a distinct advantage of being commercial pilots, so we really love to focus on finding or developing items that fit into what pilots and flight attendants really want. Our goal is to take care of you, our customer. We want you to feel welcome and that you have a say in our products. You are not just a sales number.

We offer a lot of items that are customizable, we care about offering the details that make items special. If you have a suggestion or even a better idea, we are open to hearing you. Our goal is to have you come back again and again, so naturally we want you to be happy.

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Shirts and Hats

  1. Who makes your shirt designs? The shirts that we carry are mostly from V1 Clothing company are the latest designs in aviation. No boring designs allowed.
  2. Do you do custom work? Most of the time we do not do any custom shirts, however if you have a special need for more than 100 shirts we will consider it.
  3. Do you take design ideas? We are always on the lookout for cutting edge designs, so if you have one, send it to us or give us a call.

Other Items

  1. Do you do custom work on your plaques? The plaques are sold with the current design. However if the description allows you to customize your plaques or sign, it will allow your text input.
  2. How often do you get new stuff? We work day and night adding new products that we think you will like.


  1. Are you guys aviators or motorcycle riders? Yes we are both.
  2. Will you take me for a airplane ride? If you live in central Florida, maybe :)
  3. Are you ever looking for new shirt models? Yes