Sky Talk Radio, An Aviation Podcast

Airspeed Junkie is now proud to sponser Sky Talk Radio.  STR is an aviation podcast that features two captains talking and telling stories about the airline industry.  The podcasts generally run around 10-12 minutes and feature all kinds of stories from general aviation to passenger stories on airlines.  The unique part of this podcast is that the podcast will be taking calls from regular people as well as flight crews to tell their interesting perspective and wild stories.  The bottom line is, its supposed to be fun as well as informative.  Don’t download thinking your going to get boring instruction on how to become a pilot or how to fly a RNAV approach.  This podcast is about the funny things that happen in airline careers.  Podcasts will be available to download directly on the website and will soon be available on Itunes, Sound Cloud and Stitcher.  Also a Facebook page is available as well as twitter and Youtube.

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