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Sky Talk Radio Aviation Podcast #8, Paint, How Come

Every wonder why airline tickets are priced so high and erratically? The paint story compares the prices of airline tickets to a gallon of paint told in an amusing way by our commercial pilots.

Sky Talk Radio is the brain child of two commercial pilots that currently fly in the airline system.  No, we are not going to say the name of our airline because that will get someones shorts in a knot, and we just can’t have that.  We encourage and tell stories from all facets of aviation.  If the format sounds familiar or similar to another podcast, let us please clear the air and say we are huge fans of the long standing “Car Talk” podcast and that show has inspired us to take our new aviation podcast in a similar but unique direction.

Sky Talk Radio

Sky Talk Radio podcast can be found on Google Play, Itunes, Sound Cloud or their own website.

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