best gifts for pilots

Best Gifts for Pilots, Best Sellers Recommended by Real Aviators

ApparelKenneth Schulte
To get the best of this article you should consider that there are four main types of people that are buying gifts for pilots. The first is a famil...
Was It A Charmed Aviation Career?  Personal Examples from Multiple Pilots - Airspeed Junkie

Was It A Charmed Aviation Career? Pilot Career Examples from Multiple Pilots

AirlineKenneth Schulte
 We are taking a poll on aviation careers both past and present. The beauty of any aviation career in the industry is that there is no wrong answer...
Do You Love Aviation? - Airspeed Junkie

Do You Love Aviation?

Airline ManagementStaff
I think if you were to ask a group of pilots ranging from private pilots to airline pilots if they love aviation, most would say yes.  In fact I wo...
Aviation Pandemic and Why Airlines Do Not Function Well - Airspeed Junkie

Aviation Pandemic and Why Airlines Do Not Function Well

Right now all the news is on the Covid 19 problem and all the chaos that it has created in the airline industry, it is a real aviation pandemic.  A...
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Do You Need to Study Calculus in your Aviation Career?

AviationAirspeed Junkie
College I remember when I was in college getting my degree in flight technology.  Back then everything was so fresh and new.  College was new and ...
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Understanding The Concept of Aviation Dues in Your Aviation Career?

Airline PilotStaff
“There are things that are hard to do”. Those are more satisfying when accomplished.  “There are things that some deem impossible”. That makes you ...
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Strategies for Finding Better Pilot Jobs in the Aviation Industry

Airline FlyingAirspeed Junkie
Question #3 in the Aviation Career Series No doubt you have heard about having a plan B in aviation.  Plan A is pretty easy to figure out and make ...
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10 Skills You Must Posses To Be an Effective Flight Instructor

AviationAirspeed Junkie
There are some skills some flight instructors have that set them apart from other flight instructors.  You have seen them, they are the instructor ...
Are You A Radio Hog?  Using Better Aviation Radio Communications

Are You A Radio Hog? Using Better Aviation Radio Communications

Airline FlyingStaff
Working every day in the airline environment you get a fair amount of time talking on the radio to Air Traffic Control (ATC).  One thing I have not...