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Have you ever watched someone pull your bag down from the overhead bin thinking its theirs? How about watching the sea of bags go around and around at the baggage carousel? This bag tag makes it easy to find your bag in all situations and it’s a lot of fun.

The Bag Tag text is engraved on the front of the luggage text, on the back is a data card for your personal information.  This is for a set of two bag tags.   These engineered leather bag tags are made to be engraved and have a great contrast from the graphic or text to the color of the luggage tag.  The text is intentional in helping you easily find your bag. These colorful bag tags make your bag stick out for YOU to find.


These anodized luggage tags are made specifically for passengers who want to make finding their bags easier to find at baggage claim. Perfect for airline and cruise line travel. All bag tags are certified aviator series and are airline and TSA approved


Why buy from a manufacture that is just guessing how hard it is to find your bag at baggage claim? All our luggage tags are designed in house and tested in the airport environment.


Makes a great gift for any Crew Member or any other airline. Made in the USA and manufactured in Our facility. Set of two, 4.25” x 2.75” with mounting strap.

Engineered Leather luggage tags have the graphic and text engraved on one side. The other side has a personal data card for your information. They are meant to be decorative and to make your bag easy to find. Available in Black, Blue, Red, Pink. These make any Roller board look amazing.


These bag tags are guaranteed durable and have earned our baggage claim guarantee. We stand behind our products and know you will love how these colorful tags make your bag easy to find.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these allowed in TSA (Security)?

 Absolutely, they cause no issues or concerns when going through the luggage screening process either at TSA or through the checked luggage process.

What if I do not have a place to put them on my luggage?

If your luggage does not have a lot of spots to add a luggage tag, you can always use a split ring or a zip tie to attach them to the loop hole in your zipper.

How long do these take to ship?

We have a lot of these in stock, so they ship fast.  We ship them via USPS first class.

Do these really help people taking your bag?

Consider the fact that most manufacturers make all their suitcases and travel accessories in one color, black.  Hence a LOT of bags look the same.  A lot of people are sucked into the travel experience and sometimes don't pay attention to what bag they are grabbing or they let anxiety get the better of them.  We have seen people reach for a bag, see this, and then put it back, they work.

Where are they made?

We buy these blanks here in the USA, most likely they are made overseas, like everything.  We then do the custom engraving in house.

 What are they made of?

Engineered leather is a faux leather product that is two layers.  The first layer is the color of the luggage tag and the second (usually black) is revealed when you laser engrave it.

Are these sold anywhere else?

We do have a store on a couple of the more well known shopping sites, but are prices are best here.

 Do you personalize these items?

Not on this bag tag, we do not have the room with this design.  Some of our other travel accessories are customizable

Why You want to buy from us:

Designed by flight attendants for crews

Safe and secure ordering

Satisfaction Guarantee

ASJ Exclusive Design

Not available anywhere else

5 Star Service

The classic crew tag

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Weight : 0.2 lbs

Dimensions : 4 x 2 x 1 in

Manufacturer Part Number: 100THIS00

GTIN : 609207309390

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