Customized Airline Acrylic LED Display

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Customized Airline Acrylic LED Display

Features:  No matter what you aircraft you fly, this display can be customized for the perfect gift for the hard to buy for aviator.  This is an engraved sign that has 15 different looks due to the color choices and countless aircraft graphics.  These are made to order with a quick turn time for any gift giving opportunity.  


All we need are your airline choice name and what equipment.  Use the choice form to add that information and we will custom make this gift.  


  • Acrylic sized at 5.25" wide by 8.5" tall
  • LED Base Unit 3.5" wide by 1.5"
  • Total height is 10"
  • All graphics and text are engraved
  • 15 color combinations on remote
  • Unit operates via AA batteries or USB plug

These units are great for bookcases or desks because they are versatile in how they are powered.  You can power the unit with 3 AA batteries or through a USB plug.  The remote allows you to turn the unit on or off and you can also select your preferred color.  These work great for showing off your airplanes or even as a night light.


No doubt you have seen other LED displays on the market.  The problem always is that the graphics are not always accurate because they have been designed overseas by someone who has no idea what they are designing.  If you look closely, the aircraft are what we call "generic" , this makes it hard to figure out what model aircraft it really is.  Pilots do not want that, they know what their planes look like and the details that go with them.  Our designers are pilots and we make items for pilots, you will not find that at any other website because other companies don't design, they buy and resell, that is the Airspeed Junkie difference.

  • Collect all your type ratings or notable aircraft of your career


If you love all the planes you have flown, you can buy individual acrylic plates and swap them out whenever you feel like looking at something new.  The acrylic plates are all the same size making it easy to try something new without buying the whole light kit.


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Weight : 12 ounces

Dimensions : 10" x 5"

Manufacturer Part Number: AIRLINELED10

GTIN : 00850057485530

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