Embroidered Spanish Crew Luggage Tag, Blue, Set of Two

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Embroidered Spanish Luggage Tag, Blue, Set of Two, Free Shipping

If you fly to Latin speaking countries, it can be handy to have bag tags that are written in Spanish.  The Embroidered Spanish Crew Luggage tag is helpful for people who speak Spanish (but maybe not english).  By simply putting "Crew" in Spanish, it makes it easier for non English speaking passengers to grab your bag by mistake. This embroidered bag tag is available in blue and comes as a set of two. Can be combined with more than one language in case you need them. (which is just about every day!)  These bag tags are designed by flight crews for flight crews.  They are road tested (air tested) for durability and you can feel confident you are getting a product that works well.
  • 5 1/8" x 1 1/4"
  • Key ring in grommet (can be used for key ring)
  • Additional plastic strap for mounting
  • Comes as a set of two (2) tags
  • Blue

    1. Do you offer a set of three bag tags?  No we currently do not offer this option, two seems to be the most popular bundle
    2. Do the embroidered Spanish crew luggage tag set off any alarms or concerns with the TSA?  No they are travel tested and cause no concerns or special inspections at security.
    3. Do these really make it easy to find your bag?  I would think once everyone gets them it will be hard againNot everyone has them and it would take a lot of people to buy the bag tags and then all travel on the same flight for it to get confusing.  We carry over 100 different bag tags in eight different colors so the combinations are quite numerous.
    4. Do these work on the airplane, in the overhead bin?  Yes they work surprisingly well in the aircraft.
    5. Do you have a metal version of this bag tag?  No we currently only carry the embroidered bag tag. But we do make a metal crew bag version in English.
The classic crew tag

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Weight : 0.2 lbs

Dimensions : 4 x 2 x 1 in

Manufacturer Part Number: TRIPBLU64

GTIN : 072928801311

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