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F-16 Wall Decor for Military Pilots

If you love fighter jets and classic military airplanes, you will love this F-16 Military Jet sign. This piece of art will make your office or special place unique and show some love the USAF and its pilots.  Used by Air Forces around the world.


  • 10” x 10.”
  • Designed by Pilots
  • Can be mounted on walls or doors
  • Super easy to mount
  • Sign surface is engineered leather
  • Available in two color choices

Makes a Great Gift

This F-16 Sign is for the serious aviation fan or military pilot. It features a custom aviation graphic with several views of the plane that pops on the engineered leather.

It is sized at 10” x 10.” and is super easy to mount. The sign surface is engineered leather and graphics are silver. We love to design aviation themed home office items that make your space look aviation authentic.

We are pilots so we know what pilots like and think look good.


Currently offered in Black and Blue, both with silver graphics

For the Office or Mancave:

If you have an aviation themed office, signage is always an excellent theme maker. Professional signage is always hard to find and is expensive. We are adding to our collection to help fighter pilots  find aviation related signage that organizes and looks amazing.


This aviation sign is designed and made in the USA. Our items are designed by pilots, pilots that fly for a living are the best source for aviation themed items. 

Made in the USA

All of our signs are custom engraved in our shop and deliver from a US address.  Thank you for supporting small business in the USA

Why Buy from Us?

  • Trusted World Wide

  • 5 Star Service

  • Safe and Secure Checkout

  • Not available anywhere else

  • Custom Made in House

  • Original Graphic Design

and just for fun


Length 49’5”, Wingspan 32’ 8”, Height 16’
Wing Area 300 sq ft, Empty Weight 18,900 lbs
MTOW 42,300 lbs, Gross Weight 26,500,
Fuel Capacity 7000 lbs, Max Speed Mach 2.05,
Combat Range 295 Miles, Ceiling 58,000’
G Limits 9.0, Roll Rate 324 degrees/sec
Guns: 1 20mm M61A1 Vulcan 6 Barrel Cannon

Conformal Fuel tanks, air to air missiles, flight control surfaces are fly by wire, multi role fighter aircraft, turbofan engines, sidewinder missiles, General Dynamics manufacturing, Viper Model transition from f16 a, f16 b, f-16 c, f-16 d,  current model fighter aircraft, air force, fighting falcon


Airspeed Junkie

Airspeed Junkie sells unique aviation themed gifts and products for pilots, flight attendants, aviation professionals and enthusiasts. Our items are perfect for commercial airlines, airports, military aviators, general aviation and other aviation support industries.
airspeed junkie

Weight : 1.4

Dimensions : 10" x 10"

Manufacturer Part Number: F1610X10

GTIN : 850052427009

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