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Color: Walnut
Leather Color: Rustic Brown, Engraves Silver
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Flight Attendant Retirement Plaque

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This is the ultimate flight attendant retirement gift.  We take your flight attendants information and transform it into an amazing retirement gift.  Made with engraved leather, metal and wood for a unique 15"x12" gift to hang on the wall.


A lot of time airline retirements are all geared towards pilots. There are other work groups who have as much pride in their careers and you won't find any more dedicated than the flight attendant groups working at our major and regional airlines.   

Finding a flight attendant gift that matches their hard work and career has always been hard until now.  If there is one thing every flight attendant is very proud of; it is their accomplishments.  Flight attendants are the heart and soul of the airline, they are what people see and interact with.  Working in the cabin is as rewarding and demanding as most of the airline jobs out that work with the general public

This gift should really be made out of gold (but it's not)   We have taken choice materials and have combined them into a beautiful gift that will be proudly displayed.  Wood, leather and metal are all combined to give homage to a great career.

  • Colored Wood Grain Plaque 15” x 12”  Colors available are Blue, Red, Black and Walnut, make sure you choose the plaque color.
  • Customized Engineered Leather with graphics and text  Colors available are Black, Blue, and Rustic Brown
  • Custom engraved metal for years of service and airline.  Colors available are silver and Bronze (sometimes called Gold)

The Perfect Gift

To clarify this gift has some information that you provide to make it personal.  You will need the flight attendant who is retiring name, starting year they became a flight attendant, years of service and which airline.   By purchasing this gift and customizing it with your company's name and logo, you agree that this is NOT for resale.  This gift is NOT branded by any airline and the mentioning of any airline name is for customization only.  This Flight Attendant gift is not found anywhere else and will be sure to be the hit of the party.


1. Do you carry all the logo's for all the airlines? Yes unless its some small airline from the 80's chances are we have it.
2. What is the blank box in the bottom center? This is what we call a 'Pin Box"  The pin box is optional and is a place for your crew member to add their own lapel pins or personal pins onto the plaque.  We include 2 sizes as an option and if you want to add it, you simply peel off the adhesive and place it on the plaque.
3. Do you do foreign airlines? It depends on the aircraft and the logo's. I am trying to add as many as I can find so message me and I can let you know.
4.  Can I do any other customization?  We are willing to do small adjustments, however we cannot do a complete redesign.  If you have a suggestion or thought, please contact us before ordering.

5.  Who makes these?  Each order is made in house by hand specifically for your gift.


Information We Need:

Each section of this plaque is easily customized for a one of a kind gift.

Leather name plate.  In the fields provided type in the name of your retiring flight attendant.    Put in the name exactly as you want it

Year you became a flight attendant (top Right)  All we need is the year, in the example it says 1979, we will swap that out and replace it with your year.

Airline Logo  Shown is a fictional logo for trademark purposes.  This will not be the logo you receive.  You can simply input the airline of your choice and we will make sure that the metal is engraved and attached to the gift for the ultimate look.

Years of Service  This also is a choice that you customize by choosing the number of years you would like to have on the retirement gift.

Pin Box  The pin box is not attached as it is optional, but we do include it.  If you wish to add it so that you can add pins to your plaque, just remove the adhesive backing and attach to the plaque.  Attaching pins is very easy.  Make a mark on the leather with the back of the pin in your desired location.  You can either pre drill a very small hole or gently tap the pin into place,  It will stay put in the wood and there is no need for adhesive.

We make plaques for Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Spirit, jetBlue Airways, Southwest Air Lines, jet Cargo, UPS, Federal Express, Virgin, United Airlines, and many more.

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Weight : 4 lbs

Dimensions : 15 x 12 x 2 in

Manufacturer Part Number: 1512RETFA

GTIN : 00850052427344

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