Marine Corps, Luggage Tag Set, Set of Two, Leather

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Color: Black Leather
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Marine Corps, Luggage Tag Set, Set of Two, Leather, Free Shipping


The Marine Corps love the black and red versions of this military bag tag. Whether you are active service or retired, these bag tags declare your service to our country. (thank you)  The bright colors make your bag stand out in a crowd, which is its primary purpose. Made in the USA from engineered leather that will hold up to any travel conditions.  If you proudly serve in the United States Marine Corps, or know someone that does, this makes a great gifts.
  • 4.25” x 2.75”
  • Engineered Leather
  • Mounting strap included
  • Free shipping
  • Black with Silver text and graphic
  • Data Card on back for contact information
  • Made in the USA (as it should be right?)

We have found that not only are current duty military men buying these tags, but we have heard that a lot of Veteran's are also buying them as a commemorative item.   We have tested our bag tags out in the field to make sure they stand up to the rigors of travel.  We call this "flight crew tested" since we are able to strap them on our bags and test them out in the field while traveling.  While this is not exactly battle field conditions, you would be amazed at what happens at an airport or cruise port.  Baggage handlers do not always treat bags gently and with the utmost care.  Their job is to get the bags on and off and quickly as possible.  Manufactures tend to make suitcases all the same color which make them hard to distinguish at the baggage carousel, that is why we came up with the bright colors with great designs for military bags.


Do you have to be a Marine to buy these bag tags?  No, but they do make a good gift for that hard to buy for Marine.

Can you change the design or add something to it?  No, the design is fixed and have the graphics engraved on both sides.

How much to ship this item?  This item ships for free.

Do you ship overseas?  Not yet but we have made some sweeping changes to our site and are currently working on the ability to ship overseas, stand by.

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The classic crew tag

Weight : 0.2 lbs

Dimensions : 4 x 2 x 1 in

Manufacturer Part Number:


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