Puerto Rico Luggage Tag Set of Two, Leather with Graphic

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Atlanta Crew Base Bag Tag, Engineered Leather, For Crews

Color: Black Leather
Sale price$12.95

 This luggage tag is for anyone who loves Puerto Rico. If you love to travel, this luggage tag makes it easy for your luggage to identify at baggage claim or on the the plane.

Airspeed Junkies Leather bag tags are made of Engineered Leather.  That is leather that is designed to be engraved on because it is constructed in layers of two different colors.  When the top layer is engraved with a laser, the color from the second layer comes through. 

Our texts and fonts are all designed in house by actual flight attendant crews and then we test them in the airline environment.  Each bag tag design is put on our bags and subjected to the rigors of airline travel.  We know because we are airline crews and we know what bags go through in and out of the crew room, the airplane cabin, the cockpit and the crew van. 

Each luggage tag comes with the leather mounting strap and a personal data card on the back to enter your contact information.  Available in Black, Red, Blue, White, Pink and Teal. 4.25 x 2.75

Made in the USA Mounting strap included Data Card on back Black and Blue engraves to silver font and graphic Red, Pink, White and Teal engrave to black text and graphic   We are positive you will love the way all your luggage will look with these new bag tags on them. 4.25 x 2.75

  • GENUINE LUGGAGE TAGS. These engineered Leather luggage tags are made with a Puerto Rico theme and graphic.
  • Travel Tested, One year guarantee!
  • Made in the USA and manufactured in Our facility Set of two, 4.25” x 2.75” with matching mounting strap.
  • Personal data card on back of each luggage tag.
  • ENGINEERED LEATHER is a multi layered faux leather product that is designed to be lasered engraved for eye popping contrast. Available in Black, Dark Brown, Blue, Red, Pink, Teal and Grey.
  • B08BGBC59K

The classic crew tag


Airspeed Junkie

Airspeed Junkie sells unique aviation themed gifts and products for pilots, flight attendants, aviation professionals and enthusiasts. Our items are perfect for commercial airlines, airports, military aviators, general aviation and other aviation support industries.
airspeed junkie

Weight : 3 ounces

Dimensions : 4.25 x 2.75 x 1 in

Manufacturer Part Number: CBATL

GTIN : 072928793555

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