Southwest Airlines Illinois 737-700

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Southwest Airlines Illinois 737-700

 If you are into collecting Southwest Airlines Paint schemes, you will love the detail on this Southwest Airlines Illinois 737-700 model.  These models have the livery printed right on the aircraft, so there is no decals to apply.  The die cast model is scaled to 1/130 for great detail and comes with the stand. If you fly for Southwest Airlines, these make a great addition for your desk or favorite show off spot in your office.  SWA has enough different liveries to make collecting them all a great goal.

It is also important to know that this model is injection molded. That means its a solid injection and not hollow. You can instantly tell the difference from other models.  This model measures:
  • 10" nose to tail
  • 11" wingspan
  • 1/130 Scale
  • Skymarks Brand
  • Snap fit, no glue required
  • Solid Injection molding

This Livery is printed, not a decal, this makes for a better quality die cast model

Great for offices, hangars and man caves. See our other Southwest Models.

  1. Are the Southwest models all made by the same company?  Yes right now, Skymarks is the only company making their line of 737's in the different livery configurations.  There is a smaller model made that we carry once in a while as a bundle of five different liveries, but they are hard to come by.  If they are not listed we have run out.
  2. Do you carry all the SWA paint schemes?  We try to, but occasionally when demand is up, we run out of stock and have to wait for another batch to be made.
  3. What are these models made of?  All of these Southwest die cast models are made with a solid injection molded body.  The wings and tail are plastic and so is the stand.  You will like the heavy feel of the plane and the attention to detail is very good. 
  4. Are these models collectible?  Not really unless Southwest changes their livery colors.  Recently they did just that but so far the older liveries are still available.  When they start to discontinue the old livery we will label them as collectible.

Have you seen the Southwest Airlines Pilot Retirement Gift?  Its the perfect gift for a lifetime accomplishment in aviation transport.

Crew Tag used by Southwest Crewmembers


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Weight : 1 lbs

Dimensions : 18 x 5 x 2 in

Manufacturer Part Number: SKR735

GTIN : 830715107356

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