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If you like to listen to podcasts and are into aviation stories, then you are in for a treat.  This episode has a nice mix of Sky Talk exclusive stories.  We are happy to sponser this podcast because it is different and not boring to listen to.  I think one of the best features is that the podcast episodes are generally 10-13 minutes long.  That is long enough to get a good laugh but short enough to keep you coming back for more.  There are few other aviation podcast out there, most are too long and a lot of them talk shop like specifics about certain flying techniques or aircraft systems.  That pretty much sounds like work and it is more or less the last thing I would want to listen too.  Sky Talk is about entertainment through stories whether they are from the co hosts themselves or from the people that call into the show.

And if you are thinking, well I am not an airline pilot, so I cannot relate, then you will be surprised also because there are interesting stories from all avenues of aviation.  The hosts reach into their bag of lifetime experiences when they were flight instructors, freight pilots, corporate pilots and regional pilots to bring you good memories and something to laugh about.  Passengers also get a kick out of this podcast because everyone has flown commercially at one time or another.  And as well all know, there is always a lot that can happen when you pressurize and airplane with 150 people on board and fly around the country for a while.  The results are just plane hilarious and fun to listen too.

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