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The certified aviator series is a qualification that is given to certain aviation products including apparel and accessories that fall into strict guidelines for quality. The following are the outlines to gain the Certified Aviator designiation and the Certified Flight Attendant Qualification:


All products with this branding mark must be made in the USA. This gives you the assurance of two things. 1. The product is not made by a clearing house in Asia who’s main goal is to obtain a larger share of the market by flooding the market with large quantities of designs that may or may not have an aviation theme. There are many companies who merely employ lots of subcontractors to go out and copy designs and mass produce replicas in the hopes of gaining market share. These individuals or designers have never flown a plane or been to the airport. This makes a difference in design and credibility. If they are not credible aviators, what makes you think they will give good customer service and answer questions about product durability? This is especially true on Amazon.


All aviation products with the Certified Aviator designation are field tested for quality and durability. For example, our unique luggage tag offerings are applied to actual pilot and flight attendant crew member bags and are tested for one month in the actual airline environment. All apparel is tested with graphic durability by machine washing and drying several times with inspections for fit and comfort. We just cant give it to you and hope it works out, our name is on the box and we stand by our products.

Research and Knowledge Base

Along with the explanation of design comes the one of research and knowledge. If you are buying apparel for pilots, then those items have been designed by actual pilots. Same thing goes for flight attendants. Crews that are active in the field get excellent feedback on what designs are good and what designs need to be scrapped (and some have). This is very beneficial if you are not a pilot or flight attendant and you are buying someone that is. It takes the guess work out of wondering if they will like the item or not.

Value Proposition

Lastly there has to be some sort of value proposition for the product.

There are lots of companies that create lots of designs without any real knowledge of the aviation theme. We are real aviators, we walk the walk, and talk the talk. Our designs are sometimes copied because we have our hands on the pulse on the flying community. Wouldn’t you rather by from a company who’s passion is aviation and take the time to create meaningful and applicable products? We are the real deal, we live to design new aviation products. We talk about it, podcast about it and we write about it. We are pilots. Please reach out to us with any questions at any time..

Certified Flight Attendant Gear

The same parameters that go along with our Certified Aviators designation now applies to all of our Flight Attendant Accessories that have this seal of approval. Don’t buy it if it has not been tested and designed by flight attendant crews.

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Crew Van Guarantee

Products that show the “Crew Van Guarantee” have been tested in the airport environment and certified durable. If you have any quality issues with products with this Guarantee, reach out to us for a free replacement.

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