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Different Types of Pilot Licenses, Pilot License Types Facts

Certified Flight InstructorAirspeed Junkie
Most people do not understand that there are different types of pilot licenses or different levels of flying. This article should help you figure o...
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New Flight Rating Giveaway, Private Pilot Training

Airline TransportStaff
First off, let us say congratulations on passing your check ride!  No matter what rating you attained, its a big deal and a whole lot of work.  We ...
Sky Talk Radio, Aviation Podcast #2, CFI - Airspeed Junkie

Sky Talk Radio, Aviation Podcast #2, CFI

What happens when you combine good old fashioned story telling with aviation?  A podcast hosted by airline pilots that pokes fun at the travel indu...
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Understanding The Concept of Aviation Dues in Your Aviation Career?

Airline PilotStaff
“There are things that are hard to do”. Those are more satisfying when accomplished.  “There are things that some deem impossible”. That makes you ...
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10 Skills You Must Posses To Be an Effective Flight Instructor

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There are some skills some flight instructors have that set them apart from other flight instructors.  You have seen them, they are the instructor ...