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First off, let us say congratulations on passing your check ride!  No matter what rating you attained, its a big deal and a whole lot of work.  We know because we are pilots too and understand the time, money and mental attitude it takes to start a new rating and then pass the test. 

So we are starting a new giveaway program.  Each new pilot that contacts us, we will give away for FREE an achievement plaque customized with your name on it.  We expect nothing in return, there are no hidden fees and the shipping is on us.

How it works

Send us an email with your Name, email address and what rating you just completed.  Give us a day or two to respond and we will get back to you with a ship date.  We can typically ship these out pretty fast and you should have it within a week or less.  At the top of the page is our email address.  We will do one line of engraving onto our plaques so please limit it to that.  Two lines of text are not permitted in this giveaway.  Please make sure you spell the name exactly correct.  If this is a gift for the holiday’s let us know that too.  Any requests received after December 10th are not guaranteed a Christmas arrival.


  • Only one plaque per pilot and household
  • The individual getting the plaque is the person that has to order it.  As an example we will not fill free orders for an entire flight school, this is meant for individual pilots working on their careers.
  • If you have a name that is super long, we may have to adjust the font size to get it to fit on the same line.
  • All orders ship via USPS First Class postage with a tracking number.

The Product

You can see all the product details on this page.  These are amazing displays of your accomplishments and they look amazing on your wall.  Go ahead and brag a little.


An aviation career can stretch many years with lots of accomplishments.  the ultimate way to tell your aviation story is usually the things you collect along the way and display.  We make all the flight ratings and most type ratings too.  We generally hope when you see your plaque that you will want to display all the other ratings we carry in your office or special room at home.  It is the ultimate homage to a long career and walls should tell a story of all your accomplishments whether its planes you flew or ratings you attained.  So the first one is on us!  Happy flying.

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