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Do You Need a College Degree For a Pilot to Work For a Major Airline?

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Do I need to go to College? If you are plotting out your aviation career, you should think about it as a strategy. That may sound funny, but hiring...
How Long it Takes to Become a Pilot

How Long Does it Take to Become a Pilot? A Realistic Conversation

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This article will attempt to help you understand some of the basics of the process of becoming a pilot and pilot training.  It is a very basic conv...
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Different Types of Pilot Licenses, Pilot License Types Facts

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Most people do not understand that there are different types of pilot licenses or different levels of flying. This article should help you figure o...
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Airline Pilot Training And The Anxiety It Produces Today

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 Is Pilot Training Relaxing?  When I first started professional flight training in an airline flight school environment there was a certain amount ...
Was It A Charmed Aviation Career?  Personal Examples from Multiple Pilots - Airspeed Junkie

Was It A Charmed Aviation Career? Pilot Career Examples from Multiple Pilots

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 We are taking a poll on aviation careers both past and present. The beauty of any aviation career in the industry is that there is no wrong answer...
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Funny Things People Say to an Airline Pilots, Real Passenger Comments

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Funny Things I Have Heard in my Aviation Career as an Airline Pilot Every time I see the news feature a story about airlines, I cringe in anticipa...
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10 Skills You Must Posses To Be an Effective Flight Instructor

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There are some skills some flight instructors have that set them apart from other flight instructors.  You have seen them, they are the instructor ...