The Pilot Experience Awakening

The Pilot Experience Awakening

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The Pilot Experience There is a demand amongst airline management teams that is getting a fresh look and its called the Pilot Experience.  And to b...
New Pilots for pilot shortage

United States on Pace to Produce More Than 10,000 New Pilots

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Recent FAA Data Shows Record-Breaking Pilot Production Numbers MCLEAN, Va.—The Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA) today released newly upda...
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Pilotless Planes, Real Truth about Tech Replacing Commercial Pilots

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While doing some research on airline stories for an aviation podcast when I ran across a similar headline.  I have to say, as a veteran commercial ...
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Is There Really A Pilot Shortage? Or Did We Do It To Ourselves?

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All over the Internet and out in the marketplace, the aviation landscape is buzzing about a pilot shortage.  Some companies say there is a shortag...
How Will The Airline Industry Handle A Pilot Shortage? - Airspeed Junkie

How Will The Airline Industry Handle A Pilot Shortage?

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All over the news and in several leading aviation journals you will see that we are coming upon a huge pilot shortage.  While this is true, most me...