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The New Normal for Pilot Experience in Aviation

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So what is the “New Era” of pilot mileage or experience levels? There is a funny joke that has been around for years, How do you know if you have m...
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New Flight Rating Giveaway, Private Pilot Training

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First off, let us say congratulations on passing your check ride!  No matter what rating you attained, its a big deal and a whole lot of work.  We ...
The Flight Instructor Check Ride and the FAA - Airspeed Junkie

The Flight Instructor Check Ride and the FAA

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It has been a long time since I was a flight instructor.  I do remember my check ride and for me it was really a non event.  One of the reasons it...
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Do You Need to Study Calculus in your Aviation Career?

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College I remember when I was in college getting my degree in flight technology.  Back then everything was so fresh and new.  College was new and ...