Aviation Coolie, Aviator, Cozie, Sized for Twelve Ounce, Wings, Foam

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Why get a boring can coolie when you can have one that says "Aviator"? The Aviator wings in the graphic are the wings we use in our popular aviation accomplishment plaques for all flight ratings.  The white text and graphic really pops on the blue foam aviation can coolie.  This is the first of our growing collection of aviation inspired drink ware. Perfect for all aviators!

  • Holds 12 oz cans
  • No slip grip
  • 3/8" wall thickness
  • Graphic printed on both sides of coolie
  • aviator graphic is 4" x 3"
  • Blue with white graphic

    1. Can I change the color of the Aviation Can Coolie?  Currently this design only comes in a blue color with white text and graphic.  When we add new colors we will put them up to make them orderable.
    2. Where are these made?  These and our other aviation can coolies are all made in the USA.  All artwork is original and licensed to ASJ exclusively.
    3. Can I order in larger quantities for a flight school or for a training department?  Yes we welcome larger orders and do give certain discounts on certain products.  Be sure to email us and ask us about our pricing for larger orders.
    4. Are all the coolies the same size?  Yes we currently work with one vendor to offer the same size across our site and different designs.
    5. How is the graphic attached to the aviation can coolie?  The graphic and text is currently applies with a process called sublimation.  The inks of the design are heated so that they become a part of the materials they are sublimated too.
    6. Can you customize my order?  Currently we do not customize these coolies like we have in the past to other products.  They are produced in batches and sometimes we change designs and discontinue older designs.

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Weight : 0.3 lbs

Dimensions : 8 x 6 x 4 in

Manufacturer Part Number: AVCOOLIE

GTIN : 609207308690

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