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Do You Need a College Degree For a Pilot to Work For a Major Airline?

airAirspeed Junkie
Do I need to go to College? If you are plotting out your aviation career, you should think about it as a strategy. That may sound funny, but hiring...
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Pilot Hiring, Airlines are Hiring Thousands of Pilots, Are you Next?

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Everyone is hiring Every airline is hiring, it’s a good time to have some solid skills and some flight time to back it up.  If this is your goal, t...
Was It A Charmed Aviation Career?  Personal Examples from Multiple Pilots - Airspeed Junkie

Was It A Charmed Aviation Career? Pilot Career Examples from Multiple Pilots

AirlineKenneth Schulte
 We are taking a poll on aviation careers both past and present. The beauty of any aviation career in the industry is that there is no wrong answer...
The Call for SOP'S - Airspeed Junkie

The Call for SOP'S, Airline Standard Operating Procedures

AirilnesAirspeed Junkie
Rather than bore you to death with the FAA version of standard operating procedures, lets tell a story of disfunction instead.  The SOP's come later.
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The Best and Worst Moments of My Aviation Career, True Stories

aerospace engineerAirspeed Junkie
These are moments in time that are not the absolute best or worst moments in history but they are the best or worst memories recorded by all levels...
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Pilots Drinking, What Happens When Pilots Show Up To Work Under The Influence Of Alcohol

AirilnesAirspeed Junkie
What is the real story that you don't hear when pilots show up to work after drinking?  Maybe it is not what you think.
What is Inside a Pilot Brain? - Airspeed Junkie

What is Inside a Pilot Brain?

Airline PilotStaff
There are lots of things that go on inside a pilot brain.  The longer you have worked or flown as a pilot, the more complex and developed the pilot...
Funny or Stupid Things People Say to Their Airline Pilots.

Funny or Stupid Things People Say to Their Airline Pilots.

Airline FlyingStaff
Every time I see the news feature a story about airlines, I cringe in anticipation.  What negative spin is the media going to project that is going...
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Understanding The Concept of Aviation Dues in Your Aviation Career?

Airline PilotStaff
“There are things that are hard to do”. Those are more satisfying when accomplished.  “There are things that some deem impossible”. That makes you ...
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Funny Things People Say to an Airline Pilots, Real Passenger Comments

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Funny Things I Have Heard in my Aviation Career as an Airline Pilot Every time I see the news feature a story about airlines, I cringe in anticipa...