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There is  going to be a massive airline pilot retirement boom occuring in the worlds airline pilot population in the next ten years.  Boeing estimates that we will need 212,000 in the US alone in the next 20 or so years.  That is a pretty massive amount of shift in an industry that is somewhat fragile to begin with.  Nonetheless it really does not matter much what the exact number is.  The important fact is that there will come a time when families are going to scramble to find the perfect gift for their retiring pilot and it is often a challenge.

  First because an airline pilot makes pretty decent money and after a long career most of them have pretty much whatever they want.  My kids have always complained that it is hard to buy something for Christmas for the guy who has everything.  The key is to find something amazing that pays respect to a long career that was filled with a lot of hard work.

The Problem

If you do a search for the airline pilot retirement gift, you get a lot of disappointing results.  I am going to say that in the nicest way I know how.  The offerings are disappointing.  Some have wrote articles on twenty or so great gift ideas that you can buy for your retiring pilot.  I get the feeling this person has never really asked a retiring pilot this question and that is why the list has the things on it that it does.  Or quite possibly these are 20 gifts their store carries that they think will be the ultimate gift.  We get it, its marketing, but it does not make your job easier.

We don’t want t-shirts or bbq aprons with planes on them.  Most careers last over 30 plus years so a $20 tee shirt really does not cut the mustard.  You don’t have to spend a fortune, it just has to be well thought out.  One of the best gifts I saw was a video of a group people  singing a song  in the airline terminal to a captain as he got ready to leave for home. That gesture brought him to tears.  Airline pilots are very sentimental about ending our careers.  It took a lot to become successful and it means a lot when someone recognizes that.  It is of our opinion that is what matters most to pilots, that they are reminded that they were planners, they were hard working, they were sacrificial, they were willing to do whatever it takes to make the goal.  If there is something besides their reputation that reminds them or the people they are surrounded by, then that is the perfect gift.

The Solution

I would never try and tell you that this is better than that, or our product is better than theirs because we made it.  That would not be right and the sentiment is overly done in politics and marketing.  No one needs more of that for sure.  Here is the real reason.  Pilots love airplanes, and chances are they love flying the last one they retired on.  Its like a favorite pair of jeans or boots that are broke in just right.  They like looking at them, thinking about them and being reminded that they mastered flying them.  They are the experts.  I say that in experience, airline pilots are a peculiar type for sure.  We also like being recognized for years of service or experience, it conveys wisdom and I don’t know anyone who does not like being called a wise or experienced pilot.  Give us a party and a gift like that and tears are bound to flow, even with the toughest of characters.  Everyone loves to be recognized for hard work.  That is what our airline pilot retirement gift does.  It hits all these notes

If You Need Help

We are not going to let you try and figure it out without some help, feel free to ask us for some input.  I can tell you right now, if you were to walk up to my wife and ask her what kind of plane I fly she is probably going to stumble.  We know the terms, we know what to ask, heck we have probably flown it.  Let us help you and we guarantee that they will love it.  Check out the airline pilot retirement gift, fill in the blanks and we will custom create a gift that will be the talk of the party and the high light of any special place it is hung.

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